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Nantong Shengli Rolling Machine
Who Are We?

Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine Manufacuturing Co,.Ltd

With 20 years of experience in the R&D and manufacturing of sheet metal forming machinery. Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine provides customers with high-quality solutions to achieve a good combination of quality, time, energy consumption and processing accuracy.

The main concept of Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine is to constantly pursue technology and innovation, and to serve our customers with this concept. Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine relies on strong technical research and development capabilities, and the company’s equipment can provide customers with simpler, safer and more efficient solutions. The company mainly produces 3-roll plate rolling machines, 4-roll plate rolling machines and the complete plate rolling machine production lines. The company can also provide side supports, upper supports, feeding racks, and product discharge device systems for customers’ existing common plate rolling machines. and other auxiliary equipment

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HDLW11 3-roller plate rolling machine

Upper roller universal 3-roller plate、 Hydraulic symmetrical pull-down 3-roller plate rolling machine

HDLW12 4-roller plate rolling machine

Hydraulic CNC Slash-down 4-roller plate、Hydraulic CNC Curved downward adjustment four roller plate rolling machine

Longitudinal Welded Steel Pipe Production Line

Include thickness 4mm-30mm, diameter 426mm-1420mm, length 6m-12m steel pipe complete production line 12 meters rolling machine

rolling machine
Worldwide Shipping

We have exported more than 200 machines to all over the world, such as the United States, Panama, Estonia, Croatia,, Germany, Peru, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Russia and other countries.

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Best Quality

Designed and manufactured according to the latest technology, the performance is stable and reliable. We emphasize the high quality of components and the specialization of workers.

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Best Offers

Contact directly with the factory, without any intermediary fees, extremely high cost performance

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Secure Production

We start to consider product installation, maintenance, and operation safety issues from the design stage, and only use electrical and electronic systems that meet industrial standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine.

Our Work

hydraulic press machine
Home插图6plate rolling machine tube mill machine
Home插图7plate rolling machine tube mill machine
3 roller rolling machine
various rolling machines
Straight seam pipe production line-rolling machine
Home插图11plate rolling machine tube mill machine
Home插图12plate rolling machine tube mill machine
Home插图13plate rolling machine tube mill machine
4 roller rolling machine

Our Partner

Home插图15plate rolling machine tube mill machine


HDLW12-30*3200 four-roller rolling machine

rolling machine-partner Russia

Mytishili, Russia

HDLW11 20*12000 complete  steel plate production line

4 roller rolling machine,roll machine
Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine

Esprit Energy, India

HDLW11 15*6000  3-roller rolling machine

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