HDLW11-50*3500 3 roll plate rolls

How to maintain the 3-roller steel plate rolling machine

As a very important processing equipment, the three-roll plate rolling machine has many types, but no matter what type of plate rolling machine it is, one of the most critical components is the motor. Once the motor fails, the whole equipment will not be able to work normally, which will directly affect various aspects such as working efficiency. Therefore, the following editor will teach us how to ensure the motor of the coil guard machine.

Look: When inspecting the three-roller plate bending machine every day, not only the electrician, but also the on-duty engineer and the oiler also check the operation of the motor, the size and change of the current, and see if there is any water leakage or dripping around, which will cause low breakdown of the motor insulation and burn bad. It also depends on whether there are objects around the motor that affect its ventilation and heat dissipation environment, and whether the fan end cover, fan blades, and the exterior of the motor are too dirty and need to be cleaned to ensure its cooling and heat dissipation effects. Whoever finds the problem should be dealt with in time.

Touch: Use the back of your hand to detect the temperature around the motor of the die rolling machine. When the bearing is in good condition, the temperature at both ends will generally be lower than the temperature of the central winding section. If the temperature at the bearings at both ends is high, you must combine the measured bearings. Check the bearing for the sound condition. If the overall temperature of the plate bending machine motor is too high, it is necessary to check the load, configuration and ventilation of the motor in combination with the operating current and deal with it accordingly.

Listen: Listen carefully to whether the working sound of the motor is abnormal. If the noise is loud when the plate rolling machine is working, you can use auxiliary tools such as a screwdriver or a listening stick to listen to both ends of the motor. If you listen often, you can not only find the motor and its The bad vibration of the dragging equipment can be judged even the amount of internal bearing oil, and then corresponding measures such as adding bearing oil or replacing new bearings can be taken in time to prevent motor bearings from being blocked due to lack of oil and dry grinding. Bore burned.