Introduction to the main characteristics of medium-sized upper roller plate rolling machine

The main characteristics of the medium-sized upper roll coil CNC machine tool for plate rolling machines are: high-quality unique bending process and high-precision end pre bending. Continuous bending has no back angle, and there is a human-machine dialogue control interface with digital control during the bending process. High efficiency intelligent operation of physical bending process software, human-machine dialogue window, and automatic compensation of bending process. Single person operation is efficient and convenient, with a variety of bending shapes including rolled “0” shaped, U-shaped, and multi segment “R” shaped.
The ship’s three roller symmetrical structure is a CNC rolling machine with the upper roller moving vertically in the symmetrical position between the two rollers. It is obtained by the action of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder on the piston rod, which is a hydraulic transmission device.
Through a specially designed reducer, the lower rollers of the full rolling bearing are driven to rotate separately, providing torque for the plate rolling machine. Multiple sets of supporting rollers are installed at the bottom of the lower roller to improve its rigidity and can be vertically adjusted. The upper part of the upper roller is equipped with a rigid beam, and there are multiple sets of supporting rollers between the beam and the upper roller to improve the rigidity of the upper roller.
Marine three roller symmetrical plate rolling machine: key technology and innovation in fully enclosed design to prevent dust from entering. The marine three roll symmetrical plate rolling machine has changed the phenomenon of oil leakage everywhere in the domestic three roll plate rolling machine, and the overall appearance has reached the level of foreign countries. Convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long service life, and good environmental protection effect.
How to correctly operate the roller type plate bending machine, we need to start from the following precautions. Following this method to operate the universal plate bending machine may be effortless.

  1. Clean the small gear, small gear bearings, and bearing seats. After cleaning, add oil to the bearings and tighten the screws on the covers. Check if the gearbox and auxiliary gearbox of the universal rolling machine are clean. If cleaning is required, rinse them with engine oil. Measure the length of the coupling and check if the couplings on the output shaft of the gearbox and the pinion shaft are properly installed.
  2. Organize the root and root pores.
  3. Produce the mortar pier for the reducer, motor, and auxiliary transmission according to the elevation given in the drawing.
  4. Pre bending the sheet metal, first, adjust the sheet metal that needs to be pre bent to the appropriate orientation (determined by the orientation of the sheet metal that needs to be pre bent), and secondly, adjust the bracket movement oil cylinder to move the two brackets to the appropriate position, making it easy to pre bend and match the material. Finally, operate the upper roller and lower pressure oil cylinder to the surface of the material (parallel to the left and right).
  5. Roll the sheet metal, start the main motor, operate the press button (synchronized left and right) to start the rolling process. During the operation, there should be no people on either side of the universal rolling machine to prevent accidents caused by the rolling workpiece from jumping out, causing the motor to rotate clockwise. By repeatedly applying pressure, the rolling process is completed.