Skills of Rolling Cylinders on 3-Roller Plate Rolli Machine

The CNC 3-roller plate rolling machine is a general-purpose forming equipment that bends metal plates into cylinders, cones, curved surfaces or other shapes. After investigation, it was found that many coal companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are using CNC three-roll plate rolling machines. When rolling cylinders on the three-roll plate rolling machines, there is often a straight edge near the longitudinal weld, resulting in A large additional circumferential stress appears, and its value can reach about 50% of the circumferential stress of the cylinder.

In the past, the method of reserving the length of the straight side was often used to eliminate the straight side after the cylinder was rolled into a circle. The disadvantages of this approach are:

(1) A large amount of metal materials are wasted;

(2) The straight edge is cut by hand, the groove is uneven, the gap between the longitudinal joints is not easy to ensure, and the labor intensity of the workers is high;

(3) The reserved length of the straight edge is not easy to grasp, and the phenomenon that the straight edge is not eliminated is easy to occur.

The research of this topic is to solve the straight edge problem of the three-bar symmetrical plate rolling machine when rolling the barrel, including the following three aspects:

(1) According to the working principle of the plate rolling machine, analyze the formation factors of the straight edge when the plate rolling machine rolls the cylinder, determine the solution, and select the solution.

(2) The principle of bending forming of sheet metal, and the method of eliminating straight edges when rolling barrel-shaped bodies with different sheet thicknesses and different sheet widths will be introduced in detail.

(3) Analyze the sheet metal rolling process, quantitatively give the processing method of the straight edge when rolling a certain specification of sheet metal, how to improve the structure of the plate rolling machine, and determine and check the geometric parameters.